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By on November 3, 2014

In NLP we talk about sub modalities. Submodalities are finer distinctions of our internal sensory experiences. So for example if I imagine a picture of an apple inside my mind, I can make that apple bigger or smaller, bring it closer or move it further away, and so on. Each of these changes is a sub modality change.

For those trained in NLP manipulating sub modalities becomes second nature. We ‘map across‘ sub modalities to change how we feel about one thing compared to another for example.

Recent research shows a link between sub modalities and another hypnosis technique originated by the great Milton Erickson. Erickson would suggest to his clients that they change one step at a time rather than all at once. A famous example of this technique was with a high school shot putter who Erickson coached to become Olympic champion and World Record holder by suggesting he could throw one inch further.

The new research suggests that our understanding of numbers is an internal sense similar to visualization or talking to yourself. And the size of a number determines where in the brain the number is registered.

Application to Hypnosis

What this means is that when Erickson was telling his client to throw one inch further, he was actually doing a sub modality shift. After all, a sub modality shift simply changes the location in the visual or other sensory cortex that an internal representation is registered, allowing other neural connections to be accessed.

So when you are asking your client to ‘double that feeling’ you are doing a sub modality shift. And all the NLP techniques around sub modalities apply to these quantity shifts. Like the slingshot pattern.

Here’s a nice review of the research from the HuffPost.

Whether it’s determining the number of ships on the horizon or the number of cookies in a jar, the human brain has a “map” for perceiving numbers, new research shows. Numbers Get Mapped In Our Brains Like A ‘Sixth Sense,’ Study Suggests

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