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Becoming as powerful as a leopard

By on November 14, 2014
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In our recent book, Deep Trance Identification, we explain how to become an animal through DTI. There is really not too much difference between becoming a jaguar (we describe one such adventure in the book), or becoming a warrior-king using DTI. The main difference is the different physiology of the jaguar compared to our human physiology.

So then why would we want to DTI with an animal? This is not just a question that arises as a result of the DTI technique we describe in the book, after all deep trance identification with animals has been around as part of shamanic traditions for centuries at least.

So what is the benefit of ‘becoming’ an animal through DTI? The following article by neuroscientist Shimon Edelman provides a clue. Our body, our physiology, as we perceive it is an illusion, just as our perception of the world is. Our mind creates both our environment, and our body, as part of the same virtual reality. And if our mind creates our body, then we can change our body though the power of our mind. We can literally become a jaguar or whatever animal we desire.

Now of course this will not give us the physical strength of a jaguar, or a jaguars ferocious teeth or claws, but it will allow us to change our perception of our environment to be more aligned with that of a jaguar. We can see the world as a jaguar does, and as a result act more… well jaguar-like.

the phenomenal world as it appears to our senses is virtual…  our world is constructed from a multitude of measurements that the brain carries out on the environment. It is only to be expected, then, that our embodiment, should affect the way we perceive the world…  the particulars of the brain’s embodiment also shape the perceiver — the phenomenal self that is the ghost computed by the living machine. The Ghost Constructed by the Machine

picture courtesy of khunaspix and

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