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Neuroscience of submodalities

By on December 4, 2014
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Submodalities refer to the qualities of our sensory experiences, such as how bright something looks, or how far away something appears. NLP uses sub modality shifts to change how we perceive the world. So that, for example if a picture looks brighter, then the content of the picture might become more attractive to the viewer. This is a great trick to increase motivation toward goals.

In this fascinating TED talk, Emily Balcetis discusses how visual sub modalities work, beginning from the architecture of the human eye itself. It’s always wonderful to see modern research backing up NLP techniques.

Social psychologist Emily Balcetis shows research that addresses one of the many factors: Vision. In an informative talk, she shows how when it comes to fitness, some people quite literally see the world differently from others and offers a surprisingly simple solution to overcome these differences. Emily Balcetis: Why some people find exercise harder than others | Talk Video

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