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Using visioning to find love

By on January 18, 2015
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Using a vision-board to find your ideal relationship…

One of my hypnosis clients is creating a series of vision-boards to record and kick-start her dreams. By the way, if I had to ‘vision-board’ my ideal client, it would be this one!

One of these is to ‘en-vision’ her perfect relationship. We discussed how she could use this vision board as a practical tool when dating. You see, once she has this ‘vision’ of her ideal relationship with an ‘ideal’ life partner, she can ask fun yet telling questions of her dates to see where they match her ideal, come close to her ideal, present a wonderful alternative to her ideal, or fall short of her ideal.

Obviously, if you have an ‘ideal’ life partner in mind, especially the more detailed this image is, it’s highly unlikely that anyone will match this completely. Perhaps your ideal partner would read Proust, and you current date loves Shakespeare instead. That’s no reason to hang out in the Proust section of your local library in the hopes of meeting someone better if the rest of your current date’s qualities are ideal!

But the vision-board can offer a series of fascinating areas to ask your date about, where in the world would they like to travel, and why? When they watch a movie adaptation of their favorite book, how do they feel seeing someone else’s vision? What makes them laugh? What makes them cry?

As usual, coincidence raised it’s head. Immediately after I had this conversation with my client I read an article from the UK Guardian newspaper describing a dating exercise involving asking three sets of questions then looking deeply into your partner’s eyes. If you want to kick-start your own process, the questions are here:

Love is getting the answers to all these 36 questions right | Life and style

You can find the original Guardian article here.

picture courtesy of photo stock and

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