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Counter-models in Deep Trance Identification

By on January 24, 2015

In this post we will discuss the use of Counter-Models in Deep Trance Identification (DTI).

The counter model serves as a counter-point to your main DTI model. Counter models can be used in several ways. For example a counter model may be chosen to provide skills that complement an area where the model may be lacking. For example, if you DTI with Steve Jobs for his creativity you will have to deal with Job’s limitations in the area of personal relationships. By using someone like Steve Wozniak, Steve Job’s partner in founding Apple, you can model someone who has some of Job’s creativity, but with stronger social skills. So you would primarily model Jobs, but with Wozniak as a counter-point.

Another way to use counter models is by choosing someone who is unconsciously incompetent at the skills you want from the model. This sounds counter-intuitive, but is actually backed by scientific research (we link to that research below). The research says that motivation is increased by both seeing someone who is better than you (but where you believe you could acquire their skills) i.e. the model, but also by considering yourself superior to others i.e. the counter model.

There are several other reasons to use this type of counter model. We discuss this in detail in our book on DTI available at

When better-than-others compare upward: Choice of comparison and comparative evaluation as independent predictors of academic performance.

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