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Life after death and Past Life Regression

By on March 3, 2015
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I regularly see clients who want to experience a past life regression. During a past life regression the client enters trance and visits a previous lifetime. Sometimes they do this because they have an issue in this lifetime which they believe arose from a prior life, as sometimes they do it simply out of curiosity.

When I’m discussing past lives with my client, I will generally match their belief system, whether that is Hindu or Buddhist, or more New Age. Their beliefs around past lives and reincarnation will, at least in part, shape the experience they have during the regression.

Sometimes I have clients who come to see me for past life regression for another, very specific, reason: they are all afraid of dying. Experiencing a past life or life between lives gives them comfort that there will be something, either a future incarnation or someplace they will go to after death.

This brings us to the topic of near-death experiences or NDE’s. During a near-death experience a person may medically die, but then be resuscitated. There is naturally a fascination in the experiences of these people. On one level their experiences tend to follow cultural themes regarding the nature of heaven or the afterlife in that culture. However on another level, within those cultural parameters, NDE’s tend to be remarkably similar. For example, in the Western world NDE’s typically involve an out of body experience, where the patient views the medical procedures which are taking place on their body from above,  ball by a decision point where they can decide to return to their body or to pass over to the other side, and an approach of a bright light. Of course not everyone has all of these experiences, they are very commonly shared in NDE’s.

Whether or not these type of experiences give you comfort regarding what happens after death will depend upon your perspective, and beliefs. However a fascinating series of researches on taking place to study NDE’s in hospital settings. Patients who have been declared medically dead and then resuscitated are being questioned on a systematic basis and their experiences compared. In addition, some of the operating rooms that are used for resuscitation of being equipped with boards containing pictures and writing that can only be seen from the ceiling! This is to test whether people with out of body experiences can actually see these pictures from their viewpoint above the operating table.

A description of the research is contained in the following article:

What does it feel like to die? | Life and style

I can’t be the only person whose initial empathy for Muamba and his family was the starting point for a deeper reflection, above all concerning my future death. When will it come? (Hopefully, not for many years.) What will be its circumstances? (Peaceful, I hope.) And, very simply – what does it feel like to die? What does it feel like to die? | Life and style

Picture courtesy of Master isolated images and

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