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Rewire your brain for happiness and wealth…

By on October 14, 2015
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In NLP we examine our own preferences according to a set of criteria we call Meta Programs. Meta Programs include characteristics such as whether you are an optimist or a pessimist, whether you prefer visual sensory information or auditory or kinesthetic (or some other system), whether you prefer to move toward your goals or away from problems, and so on.

Neuroscientific research suggests that these preferences may be due to the way your individual brain is wired. In particular depending on which parts of your brain are best connected to other parts will determine how strongly a particular circuit (say optimism versus pessimism) fires.

Not only that but recent research from a team in Oxford University, published in NatureNeuroscience suggests that these preferences are directly correlated with your success in life in areas such as happiness, income levels and so on.

NLP provides ways to change your Meta Programs in certain contexts. The technique involves selecting a context where you would like to have access to another Meta Program, finding an experience in your life where you used that Meta Program, then ‘future pacing‘ using that Meta Program in that context.

In general I would not change a Meta Program for a client unless there is a problem in my client’s life that arises from the Meta Program they are currently using. For example perhaps their pessimism causes them to miss out on opportunities for happiness. However this research suggests that changing Meta Programs could indeed have a profound effect on your life.

Here is an article from Huffington Post describing the research…


How The Brains Of Happy, Successful People Are Wired

The participants had taken personality tests and answered questions about themselves so they could be scored on variables including life satisfaction, income, education, memory, vocabulary and general personality traits that most people consider beneficial — for example, resilience and positivity. The researchers used data from the MRIs to create an average map of neural connections across all of the participants’ brains. Then, for each individual participant, they analyzed how different regions of the brain communicated with one another, and compared these connections with data about the subject’s personality and lifestyle. How The Brains Of Happy, Successful People Are Wired

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