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    The memory eraser

    OK this article deals with optogenetics in mice, I know: yawn-yawn. But the results are really interested so stay with us on this one, please. Optogenetics involves changing brain cells so they can be turned on or...

    • Posted November 13, 2014
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    Dealing with trauma

    Those of us fortunate enough to be trained in NLP and especially in HNLP, take certain things for granted. Like the HNLP meta pattern. The meta pattern includes the useful step of dissociating your client from their issue!...

    • Posted October 17, 2014
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  • waking_up
    Sleep and the power of anchors

    Anchors are perhaps the most powerful influence in our lives. We might wish to believe that we are logical, rational beings, carefully considering our options before we act. But the truth of the matter is that we...

    • Posted October 15, 2014
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    Who? Dr Who!

    Today from CafeHypno: I remember well hiding behind the sofa in my house watching early episodes of Dr Who. The combination of terrifying bad guys such as the Daleks and the Cybermen pitted against the wits of...

    • Posted September 28, 2014
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    Proof that this hypnotic trick works

    In NLP we talk about sub modalities. Submodalities are simply the smaller distinctions in our internal sensory experiences. So for the visual system, for example, sub modalities include the size or brightness of the internal picture. A driving...

    • Posted September 27, 2014
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    Who’s driving the bus?

    In this blog post we will be talking about what drives you, and what drives your hypnosis clients. We don’t mean the passions, interests or fascinations that run through a person’s life over weeks and months and...

    • Posted September 23, 2014
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    Hypnosis: state of mind or state of brain?

    Hypnosis forums are often the scene of bloody combats between those who think hypnosis is a specific brain state, and those who think hypnosis is merely a state of mind (but without a separately identifiable brain state...

    • Posted September 21, 2014
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  • MRI-008

    We confess it! We are neuroscience junkies. So much so that Shawn and Melissa actually wrote a book on neuroscience for hypnotists called ‘Keeping the brain in mind’. So it is always a salutary way to keep...

    • Posted September 19, 2014
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  • sketchpad
    NLP Technique: Mental Sketchpad

    In previous blog posts we have talked about the concept of working memory within neuroscience and NLP. Working memory is made up of a movie screen, sound track, and title. However there is another use of the ‘movie...

    • Posted September 16, 2014
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    Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance

    Here is an article about using what we would call past resourcing in NLP. Past resourcing simply involves thinking of a time in the past when you felt the state or resource you want to feel now....

    • Posted September 12, 2014
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